Furniture Transformations- PLUS package

I am so excited to teach you how to transform your outdated furniture. 

You will learn so much through this hands-on step by step video tutorial workshop. 

You will learn at your own pace and in the comforts of your own home. 

This workshop is for those who are wanting to learn how to properly transform outdated furniture from start to finish. 

  • STOP the CONFUSION about what paint types work the best on different surfaces.
  • REMOVE the FEAR of messing up with the easy step by step instructions. 
  • SAVE TIME by learning the best way to prep furniture. 
  • MASTER different TECHNIQUES to paint furniture hardware.
  • Learn the best practices and applicators to ELIMINATE BRUSH MARKS.
  • Understand the different TYPES of SEALERS, and which ones to use. 
  • Gain knowledge about BLEED-THROUGH and how to mask it or reduce it from happening.
  • Discover the difference between GLAZE and WAX and which one works best. 
  • LEARN how to strip and stain furniture.
  • MASTER the basics of painting, distressing, and waxing.


    •  10 video lessons/ 178 minutes of training
    • EASY step by step in-depth tutorials
    • PDF with links to all my favorite tools and products
    • PDF on how to eliminate brush marks
    • Access to a private Facebook group to ask questions


    • 3 Video lessons / 48 minutes of training additional training over the basic package (includes how to glaze, distressing and supplies, and brush care)

    Plus package is $252 in value

    Are you frustrated with your attempts at painting furniture?

    Let's face it--there's nothing more frustrating than being overwhelmed, only to feel like you failed at painting and never actually completed a piece. And there's nothing more disheartening than having brush marks only to have it look like a toddler painted it.

    You know that you should have a smoother surface. Maybe you've even tried different paint, And yet, it's not quite working.

    Confused about what products to use? Are you busy and just can't find the time to learn how to paint correctly? Maybe you are just making excuses that you don't have the talent.

    Other people make it look easy. But for you, it's been anything but. You thought that the hard part was deciding on the type of paint to use, but as it turns out, that was only just the beginning. And now you feel like you are overwhelmed with all the different advice, styles, and products.

    And you're not alone. Most people get very frustrated trying to figure everything out.

    The truth is that having beautifully painted furniture is a game-changer, one that will save you money, make your home look high-end, and even potentially make you money.

    The challenges? Brush marks, paint bleed-through, and understanding what products to use often make achieving beautifully painted furniture more trouble than it's worth.

    But what if there was a way to make sure you got it right?

    Picture your home with painted furniture that you did yourself. Here's what that would look like...

    • Moving past the stuck stage
    • Knowing which products to use
    • Having the confidence to pick up the paintbrush
    • No brush marks
    • Painting a statement piece others would envy.

    Copyright©2020 to Designed Décor – All Rights Reserved -Products and workshops offered by DeDe Bailey (Designed Decor) are intended for your personal use only. Teaching or distributing this content in any form without permission violates my copyright terms. 

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